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Gear Up: Ski-Key

Since us Yeti’s are quite literally beasts, and possess no shortage of strength, I've never had issues buckling my boots. However, for you weakling humans, this new ski gear is right up your alley.

If taking your ski boots off is the best part of your day, then putting them on is probably the worst. And wrenching your buckles closed might be at the top of that list. That’s where the Ski-Key BC comes in. This innovative device from Randall Innovations gives you leverage over your buckles to make snapping them closed a breeze.


Whether you’re looking for a little extra control, or you are just sick of struggling with your buckles, it makes your life easier. Made from a high-density, injection molded polymer, and designed using aerospace tolerances, it’s both light and super strong. And after the ski day is over it doubles as a boot carrier and, more importantly, a bottle opener. Check out the Ski-Key BC at

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